How my concussion injury at work is an undue Hardship on employers?

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I am approaching the 1 year anniversary of my head injury at Giant Tiger. What an embarrassing and emotionally draining event!

Here is why my Autistic Head injury when new is a undue hardship on my employers when new. 1. I become highly emotionally reactive. Everything to me at the time seems like it is intended to challenge me or pick a fight with me! 2. I become a hazard to myself and others. 3. I become a risk to customers and other colleagues.

This is why? I removed myself from my job at Giant Tiger. Even though they did get exposure to some of my symptoms.

At the time a new concussion becomes apparent to me. My job is to make familial people aware of my symptoms both physically and mentally, seek a safe place to rest & recover and possibly seek overnight medical supervision. I am also to stop posting content online for a span of 3 months or longer while I recover. (I also need to alert medical staff I have a prior head injury.)

Last time I had a concussion I struggled with suicidal psychosis, substance abuse & I mistreated family & my ex boyfriend Kaylib.


Re: Global Corporate Tax Coming?

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I actually wanted to add something to this. Kyle Kulinski says that extreme wealth can challenge the very concept of Democracy. That is true, but also extreme wealth is mostly viewed around the world very cautiously. Extreme exuberant wealth is actually a challenge to any Political System.

Even though China is a Market Socialist Economy with a Communist Unitary Dictatorship. You can hypothetically amass wealth there, but if the dictator views you as a challenge to their absolute authority. There will be consequences. Why is this? In some ways Communism recognizes the threat of mass wealth more than a Liberal Democracy ever would. Also as far as Communism goes, Prejudice towards the bourgeoise class is built in to the ideology.

It is known that during his reign over the USSR. Stallin would purge people with power or popularity because he saw them as threats to his dictatorship. This included World War 2 veterans at times. Now for the record it isn’t surprising Communism purged the wealth elites. They have also purged.. 1. Religious & Ethnic minorities 2. High ranking party officials. 3. Foreigners.

So to me it is interesting how North America is tolerant towards elite wealth. Knowing very well it is not a guarantee for a safe life in every place in the world!


What modern day Politics is really all about? Why we need a minimum wage?

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Okay so as of now my Political Loyalties are to the Green Party of Canada. That is how I vote & Donate. I did also volunteer as a Liberal. Which means I have been in the thick of Politics and I am going to tell you what it is all about. How most people view politics? Most people I know view politics as a way of advocating for their own personal wage, disability check or condition of Healthcare.

However what Politics has really evolved into is this? It is a debate and struggle for power around the issues of Corporations versus the interests of Economic management.

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves m and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country….

Corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

  • U.S. President Abraham Lincoln Nov. 21 1864
    (letter to Col. William F Elkins


In Lincoln’s time he had to reform the efforts of Corporations and Southern Economies that wanted to organize their labor forces as Slaves.

Why we need a minimum wage in North America?

When you look at the North American history & it’s economy? You learn we are the continent ultimately with the history of nasty exploitation & Corporate greed. Libertarians like to propose fantasies of a free-market labor force that would balance itself out left unattended & raise median wages. However, history indicates that every time we leave the economy unchecked we fail to progress production, labor wages fall behind and Poverty climbs. In other words… Our Markets have never been self-correcting mechanisms! We need a regulated minimum wage because otherwise people would get paid less & be even more desperate.

It is also interesting how you see Libertarians view wages as a life story. The longer you work, the more you make! Everything is so black & white even automation is a consequence of minimum wage somehow (It isn’t) . You also don’t make more money the longer you work. Not in many areas! The data isn’t available for Quinte West & Belleville. I can tell you 30 year olds are doing worse past 2008 when everyone’s median wage dipped around here.

Maybe some other countries have a history of being much more fair in Business. When it comes to North America? No we are the country where Business CEOs and Billionaires need their hands slapped or they keep on going for maximum exploitation. Free Market Economics don’t work here! Our Business people are too evil!


How Dedicated am I to my values? A post concussion admission.

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I think prior to my concussion I wanted the world to kick up a fuss for a better a system. How dedicated am I to that now? I think I see the point in an individual responsibility system. We can spend all of our time fighting a system. Or we can work. Work to change our circumstances, work to earn a living and work to pay our debts. I think Socialists need to remember the value is in working. Social programs in every Socialist Nation was carried on the backs on the workers. Not the protesters who fought against the system.

A woman from POOF is gathering like 50 people to block the road and protest for her OW & ODSP advocacy. She is really fighting for the cause on a personal level. Then I realized…. Would I ever block the road or the train tracks for my beliefs? I am sorry but no… I have a lot of issues I personally believe in. None of which I would risk getting hit by a car & having another concussion for!

It is true. I am looking at what people want to do to fix our Social Programs but honestly it is easier just to go back to work… Think about the crazy s*** people are proposing. “I am going to block the road to make the government heighten my quality of life!” Do it yourself, or it can’t be done!

My apologies to the left. I will vote for the reform, I will donate when I can. I am not going with you lunatics to block travel.

I take the stance I do for a Green New Deal, Socialized Pharmacare & to make a stand that climate change must be addressed. I do not want to die for the cause. I just want to talk and write about it.


Striving to function again.

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Clichés that annoy me:

“Be the best you can be. ” If I am not jumping over furniture to attack someone. I am probably close to my peek here…

“Don’t value yourself on the judgment of others.” This cliché just invites a God complex.

“Take the time to think about what is wrong and what is right.” This statement just invites you know everything…

The truth is I am just excited that Thursday we will stepping in to a less restricting lockdown in Belleville Ontario. I will be able to go out and do some semi normal things. The truth is sitting by myself is making me weird and fat. I am terrified of letting this continue for too long!

In regards to my concussion I still have headaches and a neck injury but I think I can march on.

I appreciate that this workout brings up my endurance but I still pass out while attempting to mimic this routine.


Some of the Homelessness discussion with the Green Party of Ontario Zoom meeting.

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Intro: Hello I am Ashton Deroy. I was Homeless in Kingston Ontario in 2020 for 3 terrifying months. I am very fortunate in this sense. My Homeless journey ended with me re-uniting with my family, getting on anti-psychotic drugs for my brain injury & beginning counselling.

Summary of meeting: At the start of the Zoom call. There was a brief interaction in the meeting with Isabelle Gemk who shared her blogging work as POOF, Protecting ODSP OW Funding. During the Zoom meeting a panelist discussed challenges around support an adult son with autism. A man named Leigh discussed supporting people with Mental Health & addictions challenges. Debbie Pike shared an estimate of 11 people dying in Belleville Ontario from reasons related to homelessness.

Best solutions proposed for the current homeless crisis: Rent control, tenant protections, Not-for-profit Sustainable housing developments and Universal Basic Income.

Key issue why this isn’t a self-motivation issue? : You can’t even get a job while you are homeless. Many homeless people face addictions. It was said during the meeting that they can’t even seriously recover from their addictions until they are housed. For many they need housing so they can finish a High School education before they can ever seriously consider entering the workplace.

Conclusion: Homelessness to me is always going to be an issue of… Do we re-organize the person? Or do we re-organize the society? I have a Community College Education in Business & Digital Advertising but I still ended up homeless, devastated & in a state of mental distress. How can we possibly resolve this growing problem?


Life with a disability is just hardship.

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“I didn’t & couldn’t save my own life when I was homeless. ”

I don’t see anything wrong with being a pessimist. I really am not all that invested in the uphill battle. Frequently when I write? I talk about my rejection of life in the Military. One of the reasons is, I don’t think it should have to be that hard to save my life. If it is, then my life isn’t worth saving!

Up to this point in my life. I have been Kyle Deroy’s 1 way safety net. I was bothered relatives opinions of me. Opinions I don’t miss since being put in to solitude. I was the inconvenient significant other to 2 different ex boyfriend’s. I’ve also been prone to mental breakdowns.

If you are steering me towards being optimistic about the future. You are doing something wrong! As soon as my support system dies. I will die! That is life for someone with a disability.

I know this fact. Why are people trying to take it away from me? Just because it is so grim you can’t accept it. Doesn’t mean I haven’t already accepted it. It is like saying I am not going to develop dementia. “No I’ve had multiple head injuries.” I probably am going to get dementia.

I think what is wrong with the portrayal of disabilities in movies is this. The display of unlimited talent, unbelievable love stories & Unlimited potential. Some people with disabilities get a lot more out of their lives than those of us at the lower end of societies. Most of us die from insanity after an undignified life, preventable health issues & suicide.


If our lives had 1 climax. My story would be done.

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An Autistic Concussion is a Psychotic condition. Ashton Deroy is Autistic, Queer and struggling. During the early part of my Concussion I committed betrayal, fought for my insanity and struggled with improper accommodation. Why did I do these things?

Honestly going through a Concussion during a Pandemic makes it impossible to ignore the pain, the struggle and the termination of relationships. I try to silence the memories with audiobooks when I can. Or I use exercise. Both only work for so long.

In a way I am very blessed person. Other people with a father less caring than mine would be dead after a Concussion. After all I was homeless & at that point I was completely delusional. If you talked to me during this time. I would of fabricated my sex, identity and family background. I either forgot or couldn’t self actualize during this time.

The Pandemic also doesn’t create empathetic circumstances for the Homeless. Near the end I managed to be able to spend an hour a day in the library in Kingston Ontario. Which I think helped keep me grounded. However mostly I found myself going in to the Library smelling like garbage & hoping to find my next insecure housing situation.

I’m not God… Although when I read about times where I said I was it helps me see where I snapped? What is my ultimate reality? My ultimate reality is a struggle for independence & survival.

This is bad to say… The only people I don’t regret arguing with at this point are the Homeless Meth heads! In fact if I could of just taken out my emotional instability on Meth heads the entire time. I think I would of been okay. I might of gotten stabbed but I wouldn’t of freaked out my own family so much.

At this time I want to work and get better.

As I talk to my Grandma Pat & my Dad. The wisdom they speak to is that getting better is the best thing I can be possibly focusing on right now. Still I find it hard not to dwell on the things that have happened to me in the past 12 months. The loss of shelter, security and sanity. I am constantly looking at near death and complete loss of myself. If life was a story with one definitive climax! My story would of ended in October with me dying on the street. That would of been my grand defeat. The end, nothing worth wild happens anymore. Just darkness and death!

If life had 1 climax this would be the end of my story… However, life drags on. I am now at the point of my life where I am recovering from a disability. I hope I can end up okay.


Some ideas to build back better in Belleville Ontario.

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In Canada everyone is either pre-pissed off about Justin Trudeau’s Great Reset. Or they have the opinion of “Come on already, let’s just get this going!” How can Belleville Ontario build back better? How do we address inequality, climate change & extreme poverty. What can we do to build a town that works better for everyone?

  1. Jobs that work around Transit & income compromise – What if we stopped setting the expectation that people paid under $20 an hour are expected to have their own transportation to work? What if instead for these people we schedule job hours around the regular hours of the transit system? This could seriously give people a leg up and set realistic expectations about the types of jobs people can seriously work without access to their own personal vehicle. As of this year Municipality Social Assistance programs have began funding bus passes. If we want people to use less Fossil Fuels it is not a simple matter Private companies innovating new products. The fact is we need to get some cars off the road or prevent people from being regular drivers. We need more transit dependent workers! That is simple math. Less fossil fuel outputs means less individual drivers! Why not focus on people earning the least income? It isn’t a grand elitist scheme. It is simply viewing transit as infrastructure.
  2. Green Jobs Training programs – I did a tourism program at Career Edge in 2018. This was funded by a program in Toronto. Why aren’t we funding programs for work work in Environmental clean up? Why aren’t we funding education in Solar & Wind Turbine technology? From what we can see in the Pandemic all the jobs that were created in Tourism have no disappeared. If we emphasized more on expanding Green Jobs, ideally these jobs would stay active in a Pandemic scenario. I said this before and I will say it again. The tourism programs of Quinte West serve no purpose other than to contribute to Over development and Gentrification of our once poor neighborhoods & Communities. They kick poorer people out to bring rich outsiders in.
  3. Funding training of PSWs & Nursing staff & re-shaping the jobs- The leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul has declared the situation in Long Term Care facilities a Humanitarian Crisis. Part of the reason for this is short staffing issues. We need to create incentive for people to enter these care programs so they can fill vacancies that these homes need filled immediately. We also need to make it easier for Nurses and PSWs in these homes to Unionize so that more of these jobs are twisted to be long term employment. The lack of accountability to employees from facilities in the Care industry within Belleville Ontario is sickening. This is a quote about the Richmond Retirement Residence in Belleville Ontario “This home is great if you don’t have issues that require extra care, which we were paying extra for My mom had a stench of urine in her room and the staff and Manager didn’t address it when I continually brought it to their attention. The manager said to me “you know that the girls that are working her have been here for a long time and they’ve lost their sense of smell. I kid you not. Otherwise if you don’t have extra needs, it’s pretty nice.” Bette Hunter. Not recognizing and addressing the smell of urine in a retirement home is simply not okay… We also should allow for more home care which can allow for Elderly to remain in their homes without forfeiting independence.

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Disabilities in North Korea

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There is a genocide happening in North Korea in relation to the disabled people in North Korea. I think this is tragic and sad! According to the Voice of North Korea they test Chemical weapons on disabled people in North Korea.

When I think about how a concussion tragically effected my disability? I am stressed and I suffer with feelings of hopelessness.

I am grateful that I am not in a society that would end my life simply for being born with Autism.

This is obvious but this blog has never advocated for Totalitarian Socialism like was seen in North Korea and Nazi Germany. We advocate for Democratic Socialism like is seen in Canada or Sweden & United Kingdom After World War 2.

I am Glad that for example Belleville Ontario celebrates Autism Awareness.


What to do if you see someone without a mask on?

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I know it is an anxious time and Covid19 is a tremendous threat. We need to do something. We need to have more people masking & Social Distancing. We need to make sure this message gets across. Well for now, consider this the job CBC News! For the Opposition which every Political Science Student understands is necessity it is time to talk about my opinions on what to do when you see someone not masking?

Imagine you are in a hair Salon, Mall, Gym or little boutique violating regulations around the Pandemic. What do you do? Well you are a good “person” who wants to prevent spread. So what do you do? LEAVE THEM THE F*** ALONE! LEAVE THE THE f**** ALONE! Do you want a god damn insurrection? Take your do good moralistic for the times BS and F**** OFF! Do you want people to have a valid common sense opposition to law & order? That is the cause of anarchy! LEAVE THEM ALONE! THEY ARE EVEN LEGALLY PROTECTED! ALSO IT DOESN’T MATTER! LEAVE THEM ALONE! PICK YOUR DAMN BATTLES ! This is the crap that creates a failed State.

In Kingston Ontario during a time I was having fairly regular Autism Seizures related to my concussion. I was being forced to mask by people. Then I caught a common cold and I was kicked out of a Homeless Shelter. After which I was told to wait 4 days for a Covid19 test. The first night I slept out on the street and someone at a local pizza place in Amherstview had to revive my dehydration from massive hysteria.

People, we need to learn to leave people with various disabilities ALONE! LEAVE THEM ALONE! Unless you want this virus TO BE THE HILL LAW & ORDER AS WELL AS SOCIETY ITSELF TO DIE ON! LEAVE PEOPLE WITHOUT MASKS THE F*** ALONE!

Reasons people might not be able to mask

  • Breathing tubes
  • Autism
  • Other disabilities
  • PTSD
  • 20 years of smoking
  • 10 years of smoking
  • 5 years of smoking
  • Any reason they god damn say!
Retractions I have had to made related to psychosis



Why I can’t write my autobiography?

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I can’t write my autobiography or Diagnose my own psychological problems. This is despite the self-proclaimed name of Dr. Ostrich. I can not hide a Mental illness under a poorly constructed God Complex. I can’t denied the fact that as I declare myself god after a concussion. That I have clearly gone insane.

I was born in the Greater Toronto area. I went to School in Belleville, then Brighton & then college in Belleville. Then I went to college in Kingston. Then I went to College in North York. All to be a web design and communications major with a Business Diploma. (Why I studied Communications & Business?) I didn’t know how to function. I am still working on that…

Why I wanted to work at Giant Tiger?

This actually started off with me becoming more interested in my classes in Supply Chain Management.

my ex boss Jennifer

Despite what I said after my last concussion I don’t think she is the root of all danger. You know Oscar from Corner Gas?

The guy always fixates on these pointless feuds like with the liquor store, or with a cow in the animated series. By fixating on my feud with Giant Tiger & my ex manager I am hoping to avoid confrontation with anyone else. Which is stupid… My ex was there and he always had his common sense.

Concussion signs in order

Hitting my head, not sleeping for most of 2 days, repeating a day. Then a blur of pointless arguments, meetings with social workers & fixing my relationship with Dad. The fact that I am overexerting myself and not actively trying to prevent that.

Also I joined an anti-mask movement on social media.

What I do well in relationships?

I am the type who can show up when you have no WiFi. Helps them move furniture and just talks. I like doing things for the people I date.

What I do bad in a relationship?

I have a way of making everyone I date feel used at some point. Actually the truth is I have used most of my exes to achieve something. I got tutored in web design by my first college sweet heart. My Second College sweet heart was nuts but made me interested in Psychotherapy. My last ex improved my math skills.

I don’t break up well…

Up until now writing about this included a lot of pointless alternating between blaming myself or blaming my most recent ex. You can dig a little deeper than my most recent ex. I could of been a better ex to my first transgender girlfriend. I could of been a better ex to my most recent ex boyfriend. I often instead play the resentful and still attached psycho.

My Bizarre comfort zones

  • Public Libraries
  • Gyms
  • Educational institutions

Sibling complaints

In my biography how do I talk about hate websites that became cruel competitions? Or digging up old feuds in the arena of a concussion meltdown. Sibling complaints always come down to family entitlements, underlying resentments & an urge to control that other person that looks like you.

Questions I’ve been asked?

If your family is so bad why did they end up helping you? Well they probably didn’t deserve the critiques they got, Whether honest or faulty. Some of what I wrote may of been nothing more than a carried away thought. The beauty of my “Coronacussion” is head trauma + the eery sight of a Pandemic.

Are you a serious person or a comedian? When I have a concussion? I am a train wreck. Otherwise I am whatever the circumstances call for. You can’t perfectly tune Autism. The gifts of our kind have been greatly exaggerated.. At times anyways.

Are you high functioning? I wish there was a more appropriate way to integrate psychosis in to a functioning conversation. If you mean could I work in normal circumstances. I believe I could of. If you mean this to ask if I am cool to go without help? No I would still like help at times. I view it as I can function in a classroom but not a job with a day to day life yet. The simplest answer… “I am high functioning crazy.” At best one day it will turn itself in to a sustainable life patterns eventually.

Do you wield any real power? Besides this website. No not really… Will I go psychotic and think I wield power. I did I guess. It was stupid!


Why I mentioned marriage during head injury psychosis?

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This is going to sound insane but I mentioned marriage to my recent ex many times after the Concussion. This is kind of bleak but it is coded in my mind out of a kind of fear. “I love you and I feel like I might die with you.”/ AKA till death do us part. This is worth knowing for if it ever happens again. When I wasn’t convincing myself I was invincible? I was convinced I was going to die after the June 7th – 8th concussion.

I have multiple codes for “I think I am going to die.” Sometimes I will just come out and say “I think I am going to die.” This is proof of an episode of hysteria. The Psychology student I knew at Queen’s University student told me to talk about more openly when he aided a prior concussion recovery. I do not and can not experience a concussion without psychosis.

I am actually sorry my ex experienced this delusion. It does have a rather grim separation element. Currently I am trying to let go separation equaling death. As this is an unfair burden to try and place on anyone.

Wrath of an autistic concussion post


2020, the year I felt the wrath of an autistic Concussion. I am sorry!

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J'ai une commotion cérébrale / I have a concussion / 脑震荡
In 2020 I was lost in my head I was heart broken and had a full Mental Health implosion.

Any time I think of 2020 for the rest of my life. I will think of the wild ride of a Giant Tiger workplace concussion and full on psychosis. A psychosis that hurt many people including an ex employer. ex boyfriend & family. A Psychosis drove me nearly to death. Here are some new truths for me after this traumatic brain injury:

When I started blogging? My Goal was to give you an incredibly unique voice to autism, autistic issues & autism human rights. I wanted to capture proof of the fact I had a loose grip on my sanity. Which I now have! I wanted to figure out myself. Which I now I have. The other goal was to write the blog to communicate to myself. How I am doing? Where is my head at? Am I suffering with depression, anxiety or suicidal ideation. In 2020 the answer was all of the above.

  1. I now allow for mental health interventions as needed – Up to & including moving me to Hotel Dieu & Safe Beds.
  2. I now warn people I can’t take impact to the head – There were moments with a head injury where I felt perfectly fine but I had gone completely whacko. This freaks me out. The reason I learned Cyber Security & posted this on the web was to potentially hold myself accountable later as needed. I intend to issue apologies as well omit posts.
  3. I need a job with dental coverage – I am just having teeth problems.
  4. I need to start setting expectations for dependent relationships – I am getting to the point where I need to think about a committed relationship as an autistic person. I don’t have a long life expectancy and I can’t fool around forever. I want someone to be there for me when my mental health begins to go forever.
  5. I’ve had experience with amnesia – Like forget where you live amnesia. There was a day in Kingston Ontario where I spent a significant amount of time lost because I forgot where I slept.

6. I have had hysterical anger, sadness & fear– She might not be to blame as much but I was angry at my old boss. Then I got angry at my family. then I got angry at my ex .Then I was sad my ex left me. This was insane. It was like I couldn’t actualize a single feeling at times. I was just lost in an overly emotionally stressed brain.

Even though it was at times embarrassing. I am glad I recorded my actions & mindset online. If you think I don’t work off of what I write you are insane! I go back and re-review. I have regrets and I have made mistakes. The reason I am glad to write an account of these actions publicly is so people can gauge where my head is at and bring something to the attention of a new relationship if needed.

I am sorry if I hurt you, made you feel alone or betrayed.


Ashton De Roy

Next time I am going to talk about why I mention marriage in a head injury psychosis to a partner. It is a coded language.


I have attachment issues

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Dear reader,

If I have sent this to you and we are dating. It is time to talk about Autistic Attachment problems as this may be something you have to deal with.

I would not send this unless deep feelings have developed. If we are at a point where deep feelings have developed then it is essential I tell you this.

I did not grow up with Secure attachments with my Divorced parents or extended family. I grew up as a burden that could be sent to Grandma’s house when I got too problematic!

It is also true that in August 2020 I left my ex boyfriend’s house in a Cop car to go to Safe Beds in Kingston Ontario. That was from not handling an adult break up well…

As of the time I am writing this article I don’t feel up for a new relationship. I am 27, exhausted & I nearly died a few times in September in the following ways:

  • Dehydration during break up hysteria after being kicked out of the Community Homeless shelter. This was by crying and walking a long way until I collapsed.
  • Infection from dirty soiled clothing.
  • Getting attacked by meth heads.

I have had a really complicated life that over complicates my already complicated Autistic psychology. A lot of the time I am by myself I get lost in my head or I contemplate my meaningless life in unhealthy ways. Conversations about working on myself are useless… All they have ever translated in to Autism Psychosis wise is masking symptoms that I should speak up about. You really need to take from this article that I struggle with my mental health and sudden separation could be a huge personal challenge for me. Still you are entitled to leave when you choose. You just don’t have any authority on how I behave post-separation. You really should just get far away like Kaylib Drury did.


Still living in Social Isolation and starting to prefer it.

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Last incident of abnormal behavior #AutismAware: I had the shakes for most of today & yesterday. I am also having flashbacks to my time being Homeless.

Something I think about: Who can I work for now that I have seizures?

French coffee order: Un café 1 lait et 1 sucre

I’ve been by myself in an apartment in Belleville Ontario for a bit. This is my second month living alone.

I am not doing excellent but I am toying with an idea of a more isolated life moving forward. Like I am not issuing a ton of apologies to people for stuff I did during my concussion. It would be wrong to expect this! What if this is who I am?

  1. I am the type of person who fires back on an opponent’s criticisms. I do not take critique or advice from anyone. Ideally I would accept criticisms from those I live with more in the future. However, I will degrade anyone that degrades me.

2. I am the type of person can attribute some of their prior injuries to family. Maybe eventually I will get over it but some stuff I haven’t even had time to be angry about. In an effort to “Let It go!” I don’t know how I really feel about anything anymore. It seems like I have to let everything go and everyone else has free reign to be insane. Meanwhile I literally broke my head trying to do better for myself for my family.

3. I am the type of person who depended too much on a 2 year Casual relationship, that I was unaware had stopped progressing. It might be worth telling partners in the future. I didn’t have a lot of personal security growing up. Now I latch to whatever is comfortable with a death grip. It isn’t healthy but it happened…


Ben Shapiro is gay.

This really isn’t funny to me anymore and I am through being tolerant and politically correct about this idiot. Why does anyone care so much as Ben Shapiro does about a man wearing a dress? He is a repressed Conservative gay man with a daddy fetish. Western Civilization doesn’t fall because men embrace femininity. That is absurd. Right now toxic masculinity in Western society is at genocidal levels. Give it a break!

About Ben Shapiro being gay? : Listen to how Ben Shapiro talks, listen to the gay panic & listen to the senseless points being made. He is a repressed gay man preaching toxic masculinity and that is all it comes down to.

Feminizing men is not the end of the world!

In regards to me. I have an aggressive personality disorder. I try to take Estrogen to balance it out! You don’t want me fully masculinized. It is a danger to people I love and society as a whole.

Ben Shapiro buddy. Someone like me has an aggressive personality disorder called Psychosis. Feminizing me so I am more in touch with my emotions is better for me, it is better for society & it is better for whoever I end up with. The Fascists thought making all men in to brutes was a good idea to. Except it wasn’t… Even in straight relationships women need men who can equally share in the emotional caretaker roles.

For god sakes! Feminine men, queers born males & Transwomen are essential

It is a genocidal level evil to the gay community to remove our feminine people. They are often are caretakers, our creatives & are stay at home spouses. Gender is a wide spectrum. Who cares about the feminization of men? If it brings down the sexual assaults, if it brings down the suicides & it creates mentally healthier people. I say we embrace feminized men. The Indigenous people had their dual spirited persons. You know what also? I dated a dual Spirit person. They were strong, beautiful and a little dangerous for me.

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Quinte West declares baby mama by Starrkeisha their new Anthem

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In an effort to actualize who the people of Quinte West really are Quinte West declares baby mama by Starrkeisha their new Anthem. It will play at the High Schools instead of the National Anthem & before they start all the Sex education classes.

In response to this a Quinte West resident said “Why not just give up? ”

I am Ashton De Roy and the Pandemic has driven me insane.


Study Group with Dad.

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Hey guys,

I said I was going to try more. Meaning I am going to try & be as independent as possible. While also trying not to blame everyone for everything. I tend to lose sense of reality when over stressed & Dad is about to learn why. I am also going to learn something about him…

Dad is reviewing

Dear Dad, I spent the entire time I was homeless in Sensory Overload. I was screamed at, suffocated by a mask and abused by Homeless shelter staff in Kingston Ontario. This is no joke. Covid19 has meant the suspension of Accessibility rights & I was as shocked as maybe you are.

I am reviewing

The Autistic Art Teacher kid of an Engineer is supposed to review a bit of engineering. Before ultimately deciding on a preference for the Arts.


Why bottle blondes are insane?

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I have a brain injury problem that causes Autistic Ticks and Seizures. That is why I have always been crazy. I mean think about the implications of opting for the blonde hair color. Especially with blue eyes…. (I have Jewish friends) Yeah we are nuts!

For more on this crap…. Take a look at Blonde Jokes.

I saw Unhinged with my friend Felix on 2020-10-21. Normally other people on the spectrum don’t take you to see such insane movies! I was surprised at this choice. Given that by the end we were both paralyzed in fear. I don’t know why we did this to ourselves… It is just a movie about a rampaging Straight cisgender inferiority complex!


25 Steps to creative writing.

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I just recently found history knocking at my door & recognizing my genius. I now have to rise to the challenge as a writer & put down my autobiography to potentially teach someone more important how to write their own. I am Ashton Deroy, I am 27 and I recently declared my Psychotic disorder. As of recent I have decided to talk about the unannounced Simple servant Genius in Quinte West.

I have to write down 25 creative writing tips for an autobiography.

  1. Connect to your subconscious mind. Transcend in to the mental & Physical realm. Sometimes I also like to get stoned. I treat Autism Seizures.
  2. Decide what you believe in.
  3. What are you trying to say about yourself?
  4. What is your brand?
  5. Align your inner self with your outer self.
  6. Abandon reckless behaviours
  7. Ask your therapist for help.
  8. Talk to a Publicist.
  9. Find a TV show to refer to that has some of your inner truth. My truths were found in Ghost Whisperer.
  10. Ask yourself simple reasonable questions.
  11. Sometimes accept the middle ground as reality. Especially in arguments you haven’t settled.
  12. Don’t abandon yourself to destructive writing patterns.
  13. Use your mind gym to find positive visualization techniques.
  14. Know your rights as a writer
  15. Ask for help with Communication Skills ask Ashtonderoy@gmail.com .
  16. Purchase a copyright by submitting art work and a domain name.
  17. Listen to your gut
  18. Register threats to information being challenged.
  19. Be confident and calm
  20. Work through all anger in a healthy way.
  21. Make a mind gym. I encourage use of Audible.
  22. Keep a healthy self
  23. Get a trusted advisor. I used my Autistic Friend Diana Skye
  24. Check out the Silva mind control method.
  25. Write our challenge in words when you hit a word block.


Deroy, Ashton Joseph. “The Way of the Seal.” Audible, 19 June 2018, www.audible.ca/webplayer?asin=B07DKGPX9K&contentDeliveryType=Unknown&usePlayQueue=false&ref_=a_libraryItem_cloudplayer_B07DKGPX9K&cloudPlayerStartLoadTime=1601672412702.


Dear Family, I know I have Autism + Psychosis but hear me out. #MeToo

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This blog article highlights why you don’t ignore Special Ed Autistic people.

  1. Dear Family … Kyle is in trouble again!

2. Dear Family the Psychologist I am dating is nuts. I also don’t think he knows Wiccan means passionate Environmental Feminist & student of the arts.

3. Dear family I went through something so intense. I take Estrogen and marijuana to manage the resulting trauma from 2011.

4. Dear Family I was Queer bashed from 2007-2011 in High School.

5. Dear family was Queer bashed by religious relatives growing up.

6. Dear family I have never identified as man or woman.

7. Dear Family I see Dead people.

8. Dear Family if you make me homeless I will go to the worst shelter! I have C-PTSD.

9. Dear Family please help Kaylib. Taking care of my brain injury alone is too much pressure for one person to manage.

Dear Family on June 7th 2020 during the Corona Virus pandemic I had a workplace injury. I have to leak my secrets.


Economics of a Green New Deal

GDP = C + I + G (X-M)

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About Mohawk Medibles Fentynal rumor

Checkout her platform below. This is my first candidate choice in a party leadership race! 🙂


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To buy this website call 6138881958 and we can discuss options for a Premium WordPress site and web design service. 

I still trust Mohawk Medibles with my life! 

Ashton Deroy runs to Mohawk Medibles


Research Medical Marijuana


I am Ashton Deroy, on the record, I attempted suicide at the following jobs!

Work to death Suicide

Introduction: We need workplace reform in Greater Napanee, Quinte West & Belleville Ontario. It isn’t a vote on matter, it isn’t a individual to company matter. It plainly is a moral dictation coming to be that companies are going to have to offer a higher standard of fairness for the workers. This isn’t a choice… It isn’t like “First three months, we can treat you however you want!” No…. You will lose your building and your lives with that logic. We are talking Green Socialism, we are talking global warming and finally it just doesn’t matter. The state of things as is bares no moral value Period…. We will expand on this over the next week.


Socialism In Quinte West, Belleville Ontario & Kingston Ontario. Who are our targets for protest?

Disclaimer I have autism+ concussion so screw what anyone thinks of this and screw any legal claims! I will have them dismissed on my most recent suicide attempt. I AM GOD! Take this as fact/fiction/fact/fiction/fact/fiction ! Oh, it doesn’t matter….. It is unfiltered free speech from insanity! 

Introduction: Capitalism has honestly gone on long enough. It is time for a Green Democratic Socialist movement to consume all areas of our life. I am saying this as a Mystical Socialist Dictator who is tired of the status quo! All the Businesses will be destroyed and the elite will pay with their LIVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS & THEIR BRANDS!!! 

Affirmative action “in Quinte West will be the F*** you movement in regards to the capitalists of Telecom.”



Cyber Security Target list:

  1. S&P Data Quinte West Ontario – Harassing calls from a call center in Canada and protects Wal-Mart in Canada. They also are a pathetic employer that needs to GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!! YOU ABUSE YOUR WORKERS AND YOU DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED!  “
    “The worst place to work with and hopeless for your effort that what you put on the workplace and you may except the termination any time from them without proper pls don’t waste your time and ruin life with them.” Anton Emmanuel
  2. Team HGS Belleville Ontario – Deserves to be shut down with Workers’ protests and completely disrupted day today. If they try to leave Belleville Ontario we should make sure it isn’t a safe transition because how they have treated us is disgusting and tyrannical! “Go to school get a real career!” Mario Villano
  3. Giant TigerAccessibility Giant Tiger

4. StarTek Kingston

“5 years later. I still am angry with this company. You still chew people up like your personal bubble gum & spit them out. How dare you? How dare you demand so much of people’s lives. How dare you pay under the living wage! How dare you think you can hire my friends & mistreat them to!” Ashton Deroy

We demand real change! We demand workplace reform. This has been a gun people have been waiting for me to fire again for a long time! Well, I am firing the gun and declaring myself God!



The Vegan vs The Transgender inspiration.


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If you are LGBT+ in Greater Napanee. You are not alone. I am Ashton Deroy. I am the Autistic Ostrich. https://www.greaternapanee.com/en/your-town-hall/candidate-information.aspx#

I am Ashton Deroy, I do Data Security Web Design. Let’s connect soon 🙂




The debut of ASMR Ostrich


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Wal-Mart Napanee Human Rights Complaint Research.

“This moment in history with indigenous female genocide and a dying free expression calls for De-colonization.”


An affidavit is to be submitted signed and dated in the future, The share cost is $5 per share. A survey from receipt submitted anonymous employee testament. Disclosed this to Assistant Manager Steve 11:31 A.M. 2020-07-23. Research being compiled for purposes of Democratizing the workforce under Socialism which is protected as a Political ideology in Canada. 

Even though it has always been this way. Even though Wal-Mart has an organizational culture. I am about Social Democracy. I am about creating a positive Napanee Ontario culture. That includes free speech and free attire in the workplace. As per free expression laws outlined in our charter of rights and freedoms.

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Suppliers furious at Walmart from randyderoy@hotmail.com . 






About Green in Napanee

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Our recent articles do not touch on the original intention for this Premium WordPress Website. The reason we posted this site was to start on a Green Socialist Revolution related to Autism-Revolution.ca . There are also other issues I need to fix where I am living versus where I’ve been. Then I am also compiling research on a Landscaping web design venture that I will submit financial, marketing and communications details on later. This is just the beginning. Mission, “dawn an era of new Social Responsibility and Sustainability.” 


Walking from Greater Napanee Downtown to Medibles Dispensary. 

Google Maps distance indicator for above link

Copyrighting Giant Tiger Workplace Injury 

Ending the tyranny of the Retail Bourgois. 

Calling out Tim Hortons for Autism Discrimination – ”

I got an OPP escort to the restaurant because this was an emergency!!! Bob made sure to read me the riot act at 1:15p.m. 2020-07-07 while I was having a seizure. He denied me accessibility seating while I waited for my food as a paying Tim Hortons Customer. Bob hates the disabled and this is this restaurant’s first real hate crime against an autistic person with reflex seizures.”

Alright as of late we have had to deal with a spoiled brat and his unchecked anger click to read more below:

Tim Hortons
81 Dundas St E, Napanee, ON Google Reviews: 

Brian Watkins Research Google Review


Enough of the Autism Revolution!

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Written by Ashton Deroy in a Jen Costume.


I demand recognition, obedience and absolute moral authority over my store! This isn’t Tyranny it is a fact of life! Sit down and be trained and then do as I say! I DEMAND IT! If you don’t like it I will call the police and direct you to contact the sharks in Giant Tiger‘s law department! You are emotionally tormenting me and it isn’t fair! I DON’T CARE IF YOU HOLD ME RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONCUSSION I WILL ARGUE MY VICTIMIZATION AS THE QUEEN!

Location of my Kingdom:



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Funny story: “So like when Kyle was a kid, he used to climb on to roofs of abandoned buildings in Quinte West because he was a bad egg yo. He also used to use Grandma McGraw and Aunt Nicole against our mother. Just because he is an evil bastard who never owns up to it. Also Nicole Hill is a bad influence who married a man who sexually assaulted her children. Peace out girl scout! Also…. Mary McGraw is a bitchy buffalo.… Just saying!”

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Opinion: 3 things Belleville Ontario won’t miss about Weed dealers!

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With the openings of Yield Cannabis Co & Sativa Bliss. The marijuana scene in Belleville Ontario can officially declare the end of the personal Marijuana dealer era. Bye bye !

Although everyone has a marijuana past not to mention with polite company. Here are 3 things I won’t miss from the days of reliance on pot dealers.

  1. Waiting up all night – How many times did we wait up all night for weed? It was ridiculous. Ideally you have a job and a life outside the one interaction with some sketchy seller. I just never believed buying some cannabis should take more than a few minutes.
  2. Meeting society’s underbelly – Needless to say Belleville’s marijuana dealers haven’t all been great people.. Many of them have gone to jail. I just don’t miss being around sketchy & questionable people. Just because you happen to like smoking some Jazz cabbage.
  3. No Shows – These were the biggest disappointment second year of my College career. Just a night where you planned around marijuana and ended up being disappointed… Sometimes you got to get a little silly to watch cartons and eat a ton of M&M candies.

A hard truth around Belleville dealers is Weed was often never enough. They would start out selling marijuana. Then turn to selling coccaine and meth! Just because those are more profitable in the short term.

Thank you for reading this blog. Do you hate Weed dealers? Got something you want to add? Just send us an email in the forum below:

Raised $60 so far for my mom’s re-homing fundraiser

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“A woman in crisis has inexpediently thrown out of her marital home with nothing but the clothes on her back. She is a type 1 diabetic left with nothing, taking what little she had and gifting it to his mother. This family took everything from her and left her with absolutely nothing couldn’t even give her personal property to her and had the audacity to even take her car. This family used her for everything they could get out of her and when nothing was left to get they tossed her out in a pandemic. She is currently in a safe place hiding for her safety but needs her communities to help to get back on her feet. Please even a dollar would help her, anything. I am literally begging my community to help her at this point. Please pass this along if you can’t donate.

Thank you.” Nicole Hill Sister of the trauma survivor.

I contributed $60 to Aunt Nicole’s campaign. Basically I am only going to be able to contribute petty cash to My Mom. It is sad but true. I am sharing this on my blog & yes maybe others will donate!

At this time her family is unable to re-home her because of financial limitations, interpersonal limitations & the fact that she isn’t even the only homeless relative. The severity of this speaks volumes as I am helping a Fundraiser started by an estranged relative. I don’t normally talk to.

Now it has been like a set of dominos falling. I got a head injury in June 2020 which took me out of