Media planning, How to sell on Shopify?


Media planning is a nightmare on the internet. Not because there are too few options. Just because there are many options and the average small business owner uses three. here are the three people think they need:

  1. Instagram + Facebook
  2. Google
  3. YouTube
  4. TumblR
  5. Blog

Anybody setting up a small business thinks as long as they setup content on these platforms they are going to do just fine. Then they are surprised when their content does not convert sales, generate a buzz or any kind of interest what so ever.

  1. Sponsor influence blogs – Find a blogger that matches your brand image and have them talk about your products. If this means sending them freebies or even paying them $15 it is worth it to get the exposure and brand personality.
  2. Click advertising on interest websites – If you can find a website that targets your geoegraphy, with people who match your product. Then you can setup click advertising on their page. Make sure your hyperlink is present! Our business Just ended a relationship with an on demand radio channel because they stop sending us click traffic.
  3. Get interviewed & Published online – It amazes me how many people reject interviews about their business. Get interviewed and get published. If the interview is free. then it can bring you a lot of credibility and an audience. Do not get in trouble in your interview!
  4. Create events – If you are an out of home Shopify seller you can do personal parties. An old trick from the sneaky people at Avon. It works to get sales! my aunt did it for her birthday party to sell Love Winx Products.
  5. Send recommended products to friends in Direct IM – Never take direct sales out of the equation. It is one of the most valuable sales platforms. Wal-Mart Credit card uses direct sales via telemarketing and had a 46% sales conversion on 4/17/2018 out of a site in Trenton Ontario.

(Never ask small scale personal sellers & promoters to work on commission. You do not deserve to sell your product if you do that!)

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