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“I hope Giant Tiger really likes this. Like a lot. Enough to buy it from me for $1,000.” 🙂 Ashtonderoy@gmail.com ; 613-888-1958 . Or I will just sell to the first bidder. 

656 Gardiners rd Kingston Ontario.png

Contact Ashton Deroy at: 613-888-1958

Contact the store manager Jennifer Boutilier © by Moral Authority related to the Autism Revolution Digital Marketing company, registered as difference of Opinion Protest with Kingston Police.

Jen’s email: mgrstore245@gianttiger.com

Ashton in a Jen costume: queen-of-gianttiger@jenniferboutilier.ca

Ashton Deroy injury update

Copyright by Moral authority. Ashton Deroy’s Injury story: On June 8th 2020 Giant Tiger at 656 Gardiners Rd Kingston Ontario gave me Autism + Concussion. I also showed up for work with Amnesia because the boss was negligent in telling me I didn’t even work that day. She also took away my injury rights by making a WSIB report immediately. Kyle Deroy also proceeded to neglect me after I had given him my Medical Marijuana previously. He failed to help me acquire CBD for speedy healing. I believe Kyle Deroy and RPN in Ontario requires Addictions treatment and a Medical Marijuana treatment plan for 1 year. He has a childhood past of sexual assault which I believe has destroyed his mental capacity for empathy. Registered Practical Nurses require empathy as a crucial part of bedside manner.

  1. Cried in the bath tub today because I was in so much pain
  2. Having treatment
  3. Have had over 5 seizures.
  4. Giant Tiger Legal has failed to reach out to me
  5. Got an OPP escort to Tim Hortons 81 Dundas Street Napanee Ontario where the Store owner proceeded to abuse me.

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