Remove hypnotic Suggestions from Ashton Deroy in 5 steps.

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Hypnosis plays out with unauthentic personality, confucianism & psychotic delusions. These hypnotic suggestions are traumatizing and should not be broken alone. They include sexual assault, Traumatic Seizure disorder self-diagnosis & scary realizations of DeRoy family manipulations. From 2020- June 8th to October 11th was the length of the last Hypnotic Psychotic episode.

Dictation from 2020-10-12 , “My Parents Randy & Kim tried to start this up for every relationship I ever had in College. I Ashton De Roy always tried to avoid it. This plain & simple is me avoiding the issues. Why am I not entitled to avoid the issues again? The full spell went through this time. At the expense of my physical health & mental sanity.

This starts up and I am like you ******* are doing it again… You are forcing me to dictate my own Autism declaration. I don’t want to do this! I have a birth defect and you guys used separate abstract therapies…. You have to stop! Or write specific instructions. Well my self-declaration is done now. Queer with an intersex psychotic disorder. Hypnotherapy has to be stopped for me… It should be interrupted for others. It is an excuse for not having healthy conversations. The act could be charged as an act of assault! 😡

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Autism Awareness

Seizure Awareness

Brain Injury Awareness

… … … … … … … … … … … …

Ashton De Roy is a De-Colonized Art Teacher & a Wicca of self-guided practice. Ashton De Roy is a Political & Economics theorist. Not a soldier… Not a person with limitless potential. Rather a person when faced with ambition? Develops existential & social hostility. Ashton De Roy is a firm believer in honesty & the idea the world needs idiots to.

” I will not practice unconsenting hypnosis.” , “I will protect my truths but not your own.” & “I will be irredeemably upset if I come to and I break my own hypnotic spell alone.”

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