Ashton De Roy’s Dirty Little Secret.

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If I start playing the bad guy in any argument. It is an argument I am not taking seriously and I just want to be left alone. We entitle ourselves to too much of each other sometimes. We need to take 10 steps back and stop. My special skills is the ability to fail forward fast. I am not afraid to look so crazy that a dispute with me appears pointless. I am not afraid of breaking social norms or highlighting unflattering norms. This is an Autistic super power!

Even when Rachel Pasternak sent all the unflattering things I said to her to a Student Conduct officer at Seneca College. I wasn’t afraid to tell the truth. I said it like it was… “I was drunk & watching cartoons.” A truly dangerous person isn’t a perfectionist. It is someone who messes up, apologizes & knows very well they will mess up again later in similar fashion.

The truly dangerous people just try. Even after a failure.

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