3 people it pays to trust.

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I want to be apart of a community that helps each other shine. I want to be lifted up and lift others up as well. I want to help & be helped. That is the ultimate dream of any Community minded Democratic Socialist!

In this article I am taking a positive inventory of 3 people I benefit from having faith in.

Dad (Randy Deroy) – Naturally he goes in to this list. I don’t pay a steep cost for helping Dad. Actually mostly he has helped me so far but I have been trying to reconcile my finances and status to change that in the future. He also made multiple suggestions for me to join the army but we may have to forgive that because that was before my formal declaration of psychotic status.

Diana Skye – Diana did lead me to a more successful style of blogging. She also helped me moralize and rounded me out as a person. I think her and my relationship was more mutually beneficial than I gave it credit for once upon a time. There is always something about an empath that will balance out a narcissist. I (Ashton De Roy am a God Complex.) That is a Narcissistic Psychosis disorder.

Alana Skye – Due to Alana Skye’s help I can make a claim that my Homelessness was reckless endangerment. I needed a more reasonable supervision during my concussion and I was just not allowed to have that. I haven’t really helped her since Community College. As my functionality has been going down gradually since I took Advertising. This is due to a mix of employer abuse, unrealistic standards on independence & debt.

Listen there is no ideal world where I go to work, manage my finances and entire living situation with no help. There is no world where a public service fills in all of the gaps either. I have to have a support system at the end of the day. This is literally obvious to every other well adjusted learning disability. There is no iron independence in my Autism! Over the past few years I have looked at this over independence and over stress as something that would have to kill me or nearly kill me in order to prove my point. It has now nearly killed me!

Now can we start critically looking at Unfair employers like Jennifer Boutilier? Now can we stop holding Autism + ADHD to unrealistic standards for independence? Now can I be set up for success with aide? Rather than crushing failure with added stress.

After thought copied from Facebook:

One thing to remember about my #Autism + #Concussion issue in #June. I didn’t sleep for 2 days, kept nearly getting killed & had a Psychotic Episode after a Psychotic Episode. Let’s do #mentalhealthawareness on that s***! I was classified a #SuicideHazard at 13. Believe me I feel bad for my parents. I also feel bad for Kyle DeRoy. He met the Police officer the night it was becoming clear my #Autistic#ADHD Personality was mutating into mental illness.

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