Still living in Social Isolation and starting to prefer it.

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Last incident of abnormal behavior #AutismAware: I had the shakes for most of today & yesterday. I am also having flashbacks to my time being Homeless.

Something I think about: Who can I work for now that I have seizures?

French coffee order: Un café 1 lait et 1 sucre

I’ve been by myself in an apartment in Belleville Ontario for a bit. This is my second month living alone.

I am not doing excellent but I am toying with an idea of a more isolated life moving forward. Like I am not issuing a ton of apologies to people for stuff I did during my concussion. It would be wrong to expect this! What if this is who I am?

  1. I am the type of person who fires back on an opponent’s criticisms. I do not take critique or advice from anyone. Ideally I would accept criticisms from those I live with more in the future. However, I will degrade anyone that degrades me.

2. I am the type of person can attribute some of their prior injuries to family. Maybe eventually I will get over it but some stuff I haven’t even had time to be angry about. In an effort to “Let It go!” I don’t know how I really feel about anything anymore. It seems like I have to let everything go and everyone else has free reign to be insane. Meanwhile I literally broke my head trying to do better for myself for my family.

3. I am the type of person who depended too much on a 2 year Casual relationship, that I was unaware had stopped progressing. It might be worth telling partners in the future. I didn’t have a lot of personal security growing up. Now I latch to whatever is comfortable with a death grip. It isn’t healthy but it happened…

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