Why I can’t write my autobiography?

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I can’t write my autobiography or Diagnose my own psychological problems. This is despite the self-proclaimed name of Dr. Ostrich. I can not hide a Mental illness under a poorly constructed God Complex. I can’t denied the fact that as I declare myself god after a concussion. That I have clearly gone insane.

I was born in the Greater Toronto area. I went to School in Belleville, then Brighton & then college in Belleville. Then I went to college in Kingston. Then I went to College in North York. All to be a web design and communications major with a Business Diploma. (Why I studied Communications & Business?) I didn’t know how to function. I am still working on that…

Why I wanted to work at Giant Tiger?

This actually started off with me becoming more interested in my classes in Supply Chain Management.

my ex boss Jennifer

Despite what I said after my last concussion I don’t think she is the root of all danger. You know Oscar from Corner Gas?

The guy always fixates on these pointless feuds like with the liquor store, or with a cow in the animated series. By fixating on my feud with Giant Tiger & my ex manager I am hoping to avoid confrontation with anyone else. Which is stupid… My ex was there and he always had his common sense.

Concussion signs in order

Hitting my head, not sleeping for most of 2 days, repeating a day. Then a blur of pointless arguments, meetings with social workers & fixing my relationship with Dad. The fact that I am overexerting myself and not actively trying to prevent that.

Also I joined an anti-mask movement on social media.

What I do well in relationships?

I am the type who can show up when you have no WiFi. Helps them move furniture and just talks. I like doing things for the people I date.

What I do bad in a relationship?

I have a way of making everyone I date feel used at some point. Actually the truth is I have used most of my exes to achieve something. I got tutored in web design by my first college sweet heart. My Second College sweet heart was nuts but made me interested in Psychotherapy. My last ex improved my math skills.

I don’t break up well…

Up until now writing about this included a lot of pointless alternating between blaming myself or blaming my most recent ex. You can dig a little deeper than my most recent ex. I could of been a better ex to my first transgender girlfriend. I could of been a better ex to my most recent ex boyfriend. I often instead play the resentful and still attached psycho.

My Bizarre comfort zones

  • Public Libraries
  • Gyms
  • Educational institutions

Sibling complaints

In my biography how do I talk about hate websites that became cruel competitions? Or digging up old feuds in the arena of a concussion meltdown. Sibling complaints always come down to family entitlements, underlying resentments & an urge to control that other person that looks like you.

Questions I’ve been asked?

If your family is so bad why did they end up helping you? Well they probably didn’t deserve the critiques they got, Whether honest or faulty. Some of what I wrote may of been nothing more than a carried away thought. The beauty of my “Coronacussion” is head trauma + the eery sight of a Pandemic.

Are you a serious person or a comedian? When I have a concussion? I am a train wreck. Otherwise I am whatever the circumstances call for. You can’t perfectly tune Autism. The gifts of our kind have been greatly exaggerated.. At times anyways.

Are you high functioning? I wish there was a more appropriate way to integrate psychosis in to a functioning conversation. If you mean could I work in normal circumstances. I believe I could of. If you mean this to ask if I am cool to go without help? No I would still like help at times. I view it as I can function in a classroom but not a job with a day to day life yet. The simplest answer… “I am high functioning crazy.” At best one day it will turn itself in to a sustainable life patterns eventually.

Do you wield any real power? Besides this website. No not really… Will I go psychotic and think I wield power. I did I guess. It was stupid!

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