What to do if you see someone without a mask on?

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I know it is an anxious time and Covid19 is a tremendous threat. We need to do something. We need to have more people masking & Social Distancing. We need to make sure this message gets across. Well for now, consider this the job CBC News! For the Opposition which every Political Science Student understands is necessity it is time to talk about my opinions on what to do when you see someone not masking?

Imagine you are in a hair Salon, Mall, Gym or little boutique violating regulations around the Pandemic. What do you do? Well you are a good “person” who wants to prevent spread. So what do you do? LEAVE THEM THE F*** ALONE! LEAVE THE THE f**** ALONE! Do you want a god damn insurrection? Take your do good moralistic for the times BS and F**** OFF! Do you want people to have a valid common sense opposition to law & order? That is the cause of anarchy! LEAVE THEM ALONE! THEY ARE EVEN LEGALLY PROTECTED! ALSO IT DOESN’T MATTER! LEAVE THEM ALONE! PICK YOUR DAMN BATTLES ! This is the crap that creates a failed State.

In Kingston Ontario during a time I was having fairly regular Autism Seizures related to my concussion. I was being forced to mask by people. Then I caught a common cold and I was kicked out of a Homeless Shelter. After which I was told to wait 4 days for a Covid19 test. The first night I slept out on the street and someone at a local pizza place in Amherstview had to revive my dehydration from massive hysteria.

People, we need to learn to leave people with various disabilities ALONE! LEAVE THEM ALONE! Unless you want this virus TO BE THE HILL LAW & ORDER AS WELL AS SOCIETY ITSELF TO DIE ON! LEAVE PEOPLE WITHOUT MASKS THE F*** ALONE!

Reasons people might not be able to mask

  • Breathing tubes
  • Autism
  • Other disabilities
  • PTSD
  • 20 years of smoking
  • 10 years of smoking
  • 5 years of smoking
  • Any reason they god damn say!
Retractions I have had to made related to psychosis


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