Some ideas to build back better in Belleville Ontario.

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In Canada everyone is either pre-pissed off about Justin Trudeau’s Great Reset. Or they have the opinion of “Come on already, let’s just get this going!” How can Belleville Ontario build back better? How do we address inequality, climate change & extreme poverty. What can we do to build a town that works better for everyone?

  1. Jobs that work around Transit & income compromise – What if we stopped setting the expectation that people paid under $20 an hour are expected to have their own transportation to work? What if instead for these people we schedule job hours around the regular hours of the transit system? This could seriously give people a leg up and set realistic expectations about the types of jobs people can seriously work without access to their own personal vehicle. As of this year Municipality Social Assistance programs have began funding bus passes. If we want people to use less Fossil Fuels it is not a simple matter Private companies innovating new products. The fact is we need to get some cars off the road or prevent people from being regular drivers. We need more transit dependent workers! That is simple math. Less fossil fuel outputs means less individual drivers! Why not focus on people earning the least income? It isn’t a grand elitist scheme. It is simply viewing transit as infrastructure.
  2. Green Jobs Training programs – I did a tourism program at Career Edge in 2018. This was funded by a program in Toronto. Why aren’t we funding programs for work work in Environmental clean up? Why aren’t we funding education in Solar & Wind Turbine technology? From what we can see in the Pandemic all the jobs that were created in Tourism have no disappeared. If we emphasized more on expanding Green Jobs, ideally these jobs would stay active in a Pandemic scenario. I said this before and I will say it again. The tourism programs of Quinte West serve no purpose other than to contribute to Over development and Gentrification of our once poor neighborhoods & Communities. They kick poorer people out to bring rich outsiders in.
  3. Funding training of PSWs & Nursing staff & re-shaping the jobs- The leader of the Green Party of Canada Annamie Paul has declared the situation in Long Term Care facilities a Humanitarian Crisis. Part of the reason for this is short staffing issues. We need to create incentive for people to enter these care programs so they can fill vacancies that these homes need filled immediately. We also need to make it easier for Nurses and PSWs in these homes to Unionize so that more of these jobs are twisted to be long term employment. The lack of accountability to employees from facilities in the Care industry within Belleville Ontario is sickening. This is a quote about the Richmond Retirement Residence in Belleville Ontario “This home is great if you don’t have issues that require extra care, which we were paying extra for My mom had a stench of urine in her room and the staff and Manager didn’t address it when I continually brought it to their attention. The manager said to me “you know that the girls that are working her have been here for a long time and they’ve lost their sense of smell. I kid you not. Otherwise if you don’t have extra needs, it’s pretty nice.” Bette Hunter. Not recognizing and addressing the smell of urine in a retirement home is simply not okay… We also should allow for more home care which can allow for Elderly to remain in their homes without forfeiting independence.

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