Life with a disability is just hardship.

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“I didn’t & couldn’t save my own life when I was homeless. ”

I don’t see anything wrong with being a pessimist. I really am not all that invested in the uphill battle. Frequently when I write? I talk about my rejection of life in the Military. One of the reasons is, I don’t think it should have to be that hard to save my life. If it is, then my life isn’t worth saving!

Up to this point in my life. I have been Kyle Deroy’s 1 way safety net. I was bothered relatives opinions of me. Opinions I don’t miss since being put in to solitude. I was the inconvenient significant other to 2 different ex boyfriend’s. I’ve also been prone to mental breakdowns.

If you are steering me towards being optimistic about the future. You are doing something wrong! As soon as my support system dies. I will die! That is life for someone with a disability.

I know this fact. Why are people trying to take it away from me? Just because it is so grim you can’t accept it. Doesn’t mean I haven’t already accepted it. It is like saying I am not going to develop dementia. “No I’ve had multiple head injuries.” I probably am going to get dementia.

I think what is wrong with the portrayal of disabilities in movies is this. The display of unlimited talent, unbelievable love stories & Unlimited potential. Some people with disabilities get a lot more out of their lives than those of us at the lower end of societies. Most of us die from insanity after an undignified life, preventable health issues & suicide.

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