How Dedicated am I to my values? A post concussion admission.

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I think prior to my concussion I wanted the world to kick up a fuss for a better a system. How dedicated am I to that now? I think I see the point in an individual responsibility system. We can spend all of our time fighting a system. Or we can work. Work to change our circumstances, work to earn a living and work to pay our debts. I think Socialists need to remember the value is in working. Social programs in every Socialist Nation was carried on the backs on the workers. Not the protesters who fought against the system.

A woman from POOF is gathering like 50 people to block the road and protest for her OW & ODSP advocacy. She is really fighting for the cause on a personal level. Then I realized…. Would I ever block the road or the train tracks for my beliefs? I am sorry but no… I have a lot of issues I personally believe in. None of which I would risk getting hit by a car & having another concussion for!

It is true. I am looking at what people want to do to fix our Social Programs but honestly it is easier just to go back to work… Think about the crazy s*** people are proposing. “I am going to block the road to make the government heighten my quality of life!” Do it yourself, or it can’t be done!

My apologies to the left. I will vote for the reform, I will donate when I can. I am not going with you lunatics to block travel.

I take the stance I do for a Green New Deal, Socialized Pharmacare & to make a stand that climate change must be addressed. I do not want to die for the cause. I just want to talk and write about it.

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