Re: Global Corporate Tax Coming?

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I actually wanted to add something to this. Kyle Kulinski says that extreme wealth can challenge the very concept of Democracy. That is true, but also extreme wealth is mostly viewed around the world very cautiously. Extreme exuberant wealth is actually a challenge to any Political System.

Even though China is a Market Socialist Economy with a Communist Unitary Dictatorship. You can hypothetically amass wealth there, but if the dictator views you as a challenge to their absolute authority. There will be consequences. Why is this? In some ways Communism recognizes the threat of mass wealth more than a Liberal Democracy ever would. Also as far as Communism goes, Prejudice towards the bourgeoise class is built in to the ideology.

It is known that during his reign over the USSR. Stallin would purge people with power or popularity because he saw them as threats to his dictatorship. This included World War 2 veterans at times. Now for the record it isn’t surprising Communism purged the wealth elites. They have also purged.. 1. Religious & Ethnic minorities 2. High ranking party officials. 3. Foreigners.

So to me it is interesting how North America is tolerant towards elite wealth. Knowing very well it is not a guarantee for a safe life in every place in the world!

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