Raised $60 so far for my mom’s re-homing fundraiser

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“A woman in crisis has inexpediently thrown out of her marital home with nothing but the clothes on her back. She is a type 1 diabetic left with nothing, taking what little she had and gifting it to his mother. This family took everything from her and left her with absolutely nothing couldn’t even give her personal property to her and had the audacity to even take her car. This family used her for everything they could get out of her and when nothing was left to get they tossed her out in a pandemic. She is currently in a safe place hiding for her safety but needs her communities to help to get back on her feet. Please even a dollar would help her, anything. I am literally begging my community to help her at this point. Please pass this along if you can’t donate.

Thank you.” Nicole Hill Sister of the trauma survivor.

I contributed $60 to Aunt Nicole’s campaign. Basically I am only going to be able to contribute petty cash to My Mom. It is sad but true. I am sharing this on my blog & yes maybe others will donate!

At this time her family is unable to re-home her because of financial limitations, interpersonal limitations & the fact that she isn’t even the only homeless relative. The severity of this speaks volumes as I am helping a Fundraiser started by an estranged relative. I don’t normally talk to.

Now it has been like a set of dominos falling. I got a head injury in June 2020 which took me out of

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