Opinion: 3 things Belleville Ontario won’t miss about Weed dealers!

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With the openings of Yield Cannabis Co & Sativa Bliss. The marijuana scene in Belleville Ontario can officially declare the end of the personal Marijuana dealer era. Bye bye !

Although everyone has a marijuana past not to mention with polite company. Here are 3 things I won’t miss from the days of reliance on pot dealers.

  1. Waiting up all night – How many times did we wait up all night for weed? It was ridiculous. Ideally you have a job and a life outside the one interaction with some sketchy seller. I just never believed buying some cannabis should take more than a few minutes.
  2. Meeting society’s underbelly – Needless to say Belleville’s marijuana dealers haven’t all been great people.. Many of them have gone to jail. I just don’t miss being around sketchy & questionable people. Just because you happen to like smoking some Jazz cabbage.
  3. No Shows – These were the biggest disappointment second year of my College career. Just a night where you planned around marijuana and ended up being disappointed… Sometimes you got to get a little silly to watch cartons and eat a ton of M&M candies.

A hard truth around Belleville dealers is Weed was often never enough. They would start out selling marijuana. Then turn to selling coccaine and meth! Just because those are more profitable in the short term.

Thank you for reading this blog. Do you hate Weed dealers? Got something you want to add? Just send us an email in the forum below:

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