How my concussion injury at work is an undue Hardship on employers?

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I am approaching the 1 year anniversary of my head injury at Giant Tiger. What an embarrassing and emotionally draining event!

Here is why my Autistic Head injury when new is a undue hardship on my employers when new. 1. I become highly emotionally reactive. Everything to me at the time seems like it is intended to challenge me or pick a fight with me! 2. I become a hazard to myself and others. 3. I become a risk to customers and other colleagues.

This is why? I removed myself from my job at Giant Tiger. Even though they did get exposure to some of my symptoms.

At the time a new concussion becomes apparent to me. My job is to make familial people aware of my symptoms both physically and mentally, seek a safe place to rest & recover and possibly seek overnight medical supervision. I am also to stop posting content online for a span of 3 months or longer while I recover. (I also need to alert medical staff I have a prior head injury.)

Last time I had a concussion I struggled with suicidal psychosis, substance abuse & I mistreated family & my ex boyfriend Kaylib.

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